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Cymbeline on Youtube

Here’s my last word on Cymbeline, posted on this 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s baptism. Calmgrove has very kindly saved me the trouble of writing an extensive analysis (read his post here), so I’ll just speculate a bit about the play’s … Continue reading

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Cymbeline V: Revenge, remorse, reconciliation

Every writer has heard the advice “Show, don’t tell.” Exposition drags at the plot, often bringing it to a standstill. True to form, Shakespeare ignores this rule. Much like the point in the murder mystery where the detective has gathered … Continue reading

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Cymbeline IV: The Head

Now we’re cooking with gas, as they say. To shift metaphors, the tangle of plot threads is starting to form a coherent pattern. Act IV is packed with action: Imogen — still with Belarius, Guiderius and Arbiragus; still disguised as a boy … Continue reading

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Cymbeline III: The Brothers

Aha! The long-lost princes appear in this act, as does the box of poisons (remember — not actually dangerous, just sleep inducing), and even hints of war appear at the edges. Plot lines start to cross, with complications ensuing. In … Continue reading

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Cymbeline II: The Trunk

I’m starting to see the comic potential of this play. Cloten, the princely prat, has the best line so far. He’s just come in from a night of carousing and beating up his inferiors, and reviews his latest adventures with … Continue reading

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Cymbeline 1: The Wager

Act I: Ancient Britain. King Cymbeline has remarried, and his current wife (“the Queen”) hopes to wed Cloten, her son by a previous marriage, to Cymbeline’s heir, his daughter Imogen. Cloten, however, is a braggart whom all at court, except his mother … Continue reading

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They’re at it again!

In honor of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, Calmgrove and I are partnering again, on a close reading of Cymbeline. We’re each reading this play for the first time, each starting this project with no idea of what to expect. Aiming for the unknown … Continue reading

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End of Watchmen Tag-team Review

Calmgrove and I have spent nearly 3 weeks tag-team reviewing Alan Moore’s Watchmen (1986, 1987) via Twitter. No easy task. I think we both chewed metaphorical pencils to shreds as we worked to squeeze our reviews into Twitter’s 140-character message … Continue reading

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Tag-team tweeting review of Watchmen starts today. What ho, Calmgrove? Who’s on first?

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Challenge accepted

Over several days (start and end dates yet to be determined) Calmgrove and I will be “tag-team reviewing” Watchmen on Twitter. The first part of this challenge for me, however, is to figure out how to get the Twitter widget … Continue reading

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