Newbery Challenge

UnknownJune 13, 2013. I just joined this, started in 2011 by MrSchuReads at Blogspot. (I’m #91 on the list of participants.)

The Newbery Medal (“for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children”) was first awarded in 1922. If my math is correct, that’s 92 books. I ought to be able to read them all before the end of the summer, but I’ll give myself to the end of the year, just in case.

Watch this page for updates as I read my way through the list. The 2014 update is here.

First update: A quandary. If the winning book is part of a series, should I read the entire series? I’m tempted to do so, if only because I can’t get enough of the worlds these writers create. Right now (late June 2013) I’m working on Cynthia Voigt’s Baltimore trilogy — Dicey’s Song, Homecoming, & A Solitary Blue — the third received Newbery Honor rather than award, but I’ve read the other two and this has been on my shelf for too long.

Second update: I’ve started adding Newbery Fun Facts to my posts. Since I’m a list-maker and fan of data sheets, it was a logical next step for me to start noting patterns.

Third update (Feb 2014): Still working my way through the list, but my posts have taken a bit of a detour. And now there are 2014 winning and honor books to add to the list.

2 Responses to Newbery Challenge

  1. Thinking about your first quandary — If the Newbery winner was part of a series and wasn’t the first book in the series, you almost HAVE to read at least the books that preceded it in order to get the full picture. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it right now in my own Newbery Challenge. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind if I start getting Newbery fatigue 100 books in…

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