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I had scheduled some posts to go up while I’ve been traveling, and they are still on the docket. But here I am, writing in real time, to let my readers know what’s been going on. My daughter and I … Continue reading

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Bits of info

So, those birds that I thought were plovers are actually snipes, looking very much like the little fellow on the left. When I walk down the road that borders their nesting grounds, one or two will land in front of me … Continue reading

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Revving up for a busy summer

Signed up for Camp NaNoWrimo in July, to work on Oklahoma project, and actively querying agents with most recent fantasy MS. The summer is already looking too short!

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Hunger Games and Protest

Originally posted on Readers Are Leaders 2014:
This morning’s Weekend Edition/Saturday on NPR included a brief interview with Stephen Carter, a professor and novelist who discusses how Suzanne Collin’s massively popular series of books and movies mirrors much of what’s happening…

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A Turning Point

Originally posted on Julia Lee Author:
The leaves are falling from the London Planes. I always notice them. They are quite unmistakable – pointy-fingered leaves in clearly differentiated shades, bright green, or the colour of lemon peel, or at most…

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Originally posted on Zenrinji:
an epic poem episodic limericks enter Perseus six posts follow retailing a classic tale — in limericks

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100 Happy Days: Day 2: Library Run

Originally posted on An Artist Creates:
100 Happy Days

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