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Cymbeline III: The Brothers

Aha! The long-lost princes appear in this act, as does the box of poisons (remember — not actually dangerous, just sleep inducing), and even hints of war appear at the edges. Plot lines start to cross, with complications ensuing. In … Continue reading

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Cymbeline II: The Trunk

I’m starting to see the comic potential of this play. Cloten, the princely prat, has the best line so far. He’s just come in from a night of carousing and beating up his inferiors, and reviews his latest adventures with … Continue reading

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Cymbeline 1: The Wager

Act I: Ancient Britain. King Cymbeline has remarried, and his current wife (“the Queen”) hopes to wed Cloten, her son by a previous marriage, to Cymbeline’s heir, his daughter Imogen. Cloten, however, is a braggart whom all at court, except his mother … Continue reading

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They’re at it again!

In honor of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, Calmgrove and I are partnering again, on a close reading of Cymbeline. We’re each reading this play for the first time, each starting this project with no idea of what to expect. Aiming for the unknown … Continue reading

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New month

Hey, I just saw that Shakespeare’s 450th is coming up this year. Gotta pull something together to celebrate. This year, I’m giving you a taste of the Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Images Collection. Check out the collection here. For this post, all … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s latest play

From my other blog, a little something about a book that is a bit of everything: The Tragedy of Arthur,  Arthur Phillips (2011), 368 pp. Can a book be categorized as fantasy, history, memoir, historical fiction, counter-historical fiction, tragedy, and humor? Oh, and … Continue reading

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