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#WitchWeek2021 Day 2

Over at Calmgrove, you’ll find our discussion of The Tempest. Ola, Jean, Chris and I had a great time talking about stormy double-dealing, back-stabbing, machinations, and just plain old devilry happening in what’s considered Shakespeare’s final solo project. A suitable … Continue reading

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Don’t look now …

… but Witch Week is almost here! This year’s theme is TREASON AND PLOT (when Chris and I decided on this last year, we certainly didn’t expect it to be so apt), and our read-along is Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with … Continue reading

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Modern Tempests

As I prep for Witch Week 2021, for which my co-host (Calmgrove) and I have chosen The Tempest as our Read-Along, I’ve been working my way through some of the modern works that are either inspired by or adaptations of … Continue reading

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Which Week Witch Week

Not long now until Witch Week 2021 comes to haunt us. An event first begun by Lory Hess at The Emerald City Book Review (she now blogs at Entering the Enchanted Castle), Witch Week is an annual series of guest … Continue reading

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If ’tis Sunday, ’tis hump day

Villains in Shakespeare! Of course there are. But ones fantastical? Oh yes. For today’s Witch Week post, marking the half-way point through our celebration, Sari from The View from Sari’s World, gives us a dose of foul misdeeds. Do these … Continue reading

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Cymbeline on Youtube

Here’s my last word on Cymbeline, posted on this 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s baptism. Calmgrove has very kindly saved me the trouble of writing an extensive analysis (read his post here), so I’ll just speculate a bit about the play’s … Continue reading

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Cymbeline V: Revenge, remorse, reconciliation

Every writer has heard the advice “Show, don’t tell.” Exposition drags at the plot, often bringing it to a standstill. True to form, Shakespeare ignores this rule. Much like the point in the murder mystery where the detective has gathered … Continue reading

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The geography of Cymbeline

Originally posted on Calmgrove:
Roman Britain according to Ptolemy c. 90rx–168 The first thing to remember is that The Tragedie of Cymbeline is, despite its published title, a comedy. It’s certainly not a Shakespearean ‘history’ so we mustn’t expect any…

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450 years old and still great

Today I have Shakespeare for kids on my mind. Because WS’s language, with its old words and complicated syntax, is a challenge for young readers, it isn’t unusual to find versions of these tales re-penned specifically for children. Charles Lamb (1775-1834) … Continue reading

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Cymbeline IV: The Head

Now we’re cooking with gas, as they say. To shift metaphors, the tangle of plot threads is starting to form a coherent pattern. Act IV is packed with action: Imogen — still with Belarius, Guiderius and Arbiragus; still disguised as a boy … Continue reading

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