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Hopkins takes a back seat

Life as We Knew It (2006), Susan Beth Pfeffer Late in 2011, on a previous blog, I reviewed an obscure sci-fi book by RC Sheriff about a cataclysmic disaster involving an asteroid, the moon, and our earth. In fact, I … Continue reading

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And you thought THIS winter was bad

Snow stained black from city air is piled high on streets and sidewalks, leaving wide puddles at crosswalks as it melts. This has been quite a winter — twice the average total snowfall — and more is expected next week. … Continue reading

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A (relatively) quick post today, and then an apology in advance. I picked up Laurence Yep’s Newbery Honor book, Dragonwings, and the first few pages made me think of Frank Chin’s Donald Duk, which in turn made me think of … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy

Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1963), Dell, 191 pp. I was reminded of Cat’s Cradle when a character in a book I was just reading was described as “busy, busy, busy.” Those three words are a Bokononist’s response when he considers “how … Continue reading

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So it goes

Kurt Vonnegut, who died in 2007 and whose cranky persona I try to emulate whenever possible (my friends are not amused), is on my mind these days, so indulge me as I drone on and on about his books. This … Continue reading

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The bad old days

Dooms Day Book (1992), Connie Willis, 578 pp. Let’s say time travel is actually possible, and you’re a historian eager to see what things were really like, back in the day. Where would you go? According to Willis’ world, you wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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So, you’re saying the moon is NOT made of green cheese?

The Hopkins Manuscript (1939), R C Sherriff, 269 pp. Another item for my ‘obscure book’ list. A friend loaned this to me, saying only, “It’s about how the moon crashes into the earth, but that doesn’t destroy us. People do.” Sounds … Continue reading

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Tag-team tweeting review of Watchmen starts today. What ho, Calmgrove? Who’s on first?

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Taking a Mulligan via the Space-Time Continuum

Review of Prologue, Greg Ahlgren Rating: 4.6 stars So many times I’ve wanted a do-over, a chance to reboot, knowing in advance exactly where things went wrong and therefore knowing exactly what to fix. This is what Paul deVere and … Continue reading

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Building an audience

Steve, at Imagineer-ing, has started Book Promotion Day (every Thursday) on his blog, a way for writers to spread the word about their books. Kenning Magic will be featured soon. Thanks, Steve! And everyone else: if you love science fiction, … Continue reading

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