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Seven Bookish Virtues/Sins Tag

Looks like all my blogging friends are playing this game of tag, and it’s my turn to be IT. Ola G at Re-enchantment of the World, Lory at Emerald City Book Review, Chris at Calmgrove, and I-can’t-remember-who-else (sorry, blogger buddies, … Continue reading

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A series of series

I’ve been back in NYC for 3 weeks now and am just about recovered from my travels — in time to start planning my next sojourn (more on which later). Lengthy travels make me long for homely comforts — my … Continue reading

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Proust, the perfect beach-read

Within a Budding Grove, pp. 534-714 Although I’m not a beach person, a 10-second video online sold me on this place in Mexico. Shade was the key. I can sit on a beach all day, if sun is not involved. … Continue reading

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And …

I’m back. I’ve spent 3 months avoiding hard work, as prep for my sabbatical year followed almost immediately by retirement (count down: one year, 5 months and 4 days, give or take). This was tough on my students, who had … Continue reading

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OK, so what’d I miss?

Two months since my last post? How did that happen? Oh, right. Work. I’m at the tail end of my penultimate semester of teaching. My final school task this month is to grade a 3-inch stack of papers. Meanwhile, I’ve … Continue reading

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Bigamous reading

When I haven’t the energy to read Proust, I read something else. In that respect, I’m no different from anyone else. But the other day my daughter commented on how strange it was that I was sitting on the couch reading … Continue reading

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Temporary obsession: AR

My latest obsession started two months ago with Christina Hardyment’s Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint’s Trunk, an excellent study of the sources, both geographic and human, for his famous books, with a satisfying number of illustrations as well. Fans probably … Continue reading

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This and that and some other things

For the past 3 weeks, it hasn’t been Radio WTWP (wall-to-wall Proust, with a tip of the hat to Prof. Peter Schickele) on my reading shelf. Here’s some other stuff I’ve been clearing out: Desmond Seward’s The Demon’s Brood, a 300-page bare-bones … Continue reading

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Searching for Proust

  I’m trying to locate a book published a while back that is essentially a crib sheet for Proust’s RoTP — I can’t remember the title or the author — so of course I head over to the internet. Here’s what I find: … Continue reading

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Lists and goals

New year = new lists and new goals. I’ll keep this brief, for my purpose here is a public commitment to meet at least two of my goals for 2016: read some hefty volumes, and write that abecedary I’ve been … Continue reading

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