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Avid reader

I had to share this photo, which came from a friend. The reader is her granddaughter, caught up in Kenning Magic‘s story of Noni’s search for the Book of Spells. The sequel, Kenning Stars, is progressing through its first revision, … Continue reading

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Winning isn’t everything

Here I am again, the good side of NaNoWriMo’s finish line. I’m far from the first to cross it, and in just 2 more days, a few hundred thousand other writers across the globe will have joined us. It’s a … Continue reading

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Quicksand in the “muddy middle”

A brief check-in: I’m a bit over 13K words short of my 50K goal, and have only 7 days left! And just when I needed them most, Grant Faulkner’s comforting words came via NaNoWriMo’s Pep Talk series: View the blank … Continue reading

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New year, new projects

I had originally thought to make no resolutions this year, so that I would have none to break. Yet there’s something about a new year that inspires me to set goals, and I find myself planning out 2014 with big and … Continue reading

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It’s been too long

and I’ve been quite busy. I don’t know how others balance writing careers with full time jobs, because I find it impossible. I shouldn’t complain. I try not to, because I know I’m incredibly lucky. My job challenges me intellectually, … Continue reading

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Book launch countdown

Today’s the official launch for Kenning Magic. I’ve invited adults, because that’s who I know, but the book is for readers age 9-14. With any luck, a few may show up. Over on PiA, I’ve just posted something about organizing … Continue reading

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My online platform expands

Woke up to a Tweet saying that I’m now listed on the Published Indie Authors blog here at WordPress. Made my day, and it’s only 7 am. Authors supporting other authors. That’s my kind of world.

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