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Hashtag Jane Austen

Twitter has misinformed me. There I was, getting all excited about #AustenInAugust, and it turns out not to be a thing. It was a thing in 2019, but apparently not this year.* Do I care? Not a fig, for that tiny … Continue reading

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The voyage so far

As promised, here’s the first of what may be several updates on my tour of books set on water in honor of Herman Melville’s 200th birthday. Initially I had planned to make these reviews brief, but, well, you know … … Continue reading

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Shades of stories past

It’s probably impossible now for any narrator to be more unusual than Death in The Book Thief, but McNeal’s narrator in Far Far Away comes pretty close. Set in modern times, in a lonesome prairie town called Never Better, this … Continue reading

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It takes someone with chutzpah and cojones to take on L Frank Baum’s Oziad for a fan-fiction series. Luckily, Gregory Maguire has these, plus an over-abundance of talent which he shows in his Wicked Years series. I’ve just finished the … Continue reading

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Something for Holmesophiles

OK, we all know that fans can get a bit silly. Think of Tolkien enthusiasts practicing their spoken Elvish at conferences, or Anne Shirley groupies traveling to PEI in order to get married at Green Gables. Add Sherlockians to this … Continue reading

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