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in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.

Cooking up some scary fun

There’s still time to prep for Witch Week 2020. If you haven’t yet read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, find a copy and get started. You have two weeks starting … now! For the second musical inspiration, here’s one from … Continue reading

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Are you ready for Witch Week 2020?

Leaves are turning, winds from the north are cooling down the nights, pumpkins and apples are making appearances at local farm stands.* Which can mean only one thing: WITCH WEEK 2020 approaches! Anyone still unsure what that is can check … Continue reading

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Witch Week 2020

Not long now! Witch Week, the annual celebration of fantasy fiction, begins in under 2 months. Lory @ EmeraldCityBookReview created it to honor Diana Wynne Jones, author of the Dalemark and Chrestomanci series, along with dozens of other fantasy novels and short … Continue reading

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Hashtag Jane Austen

Twitter has misinformed me. There I was, getting all excited about #AustenInAugust, and it turns out not to be a thing. It was a thing in 2019, but apparently not this year.* Do I care? Not a fig, for that tiny … Continue reading

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Getting over the Don’t-Wants

Maybe you’ve never heard the term, but you know the feeling: Low energy, little interest in doing anything that isn’t absolutely essential (cleaning, eating, sleeping), general listlessness. But stop right there — I don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. I know I … Continue reading

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Farewell to Aotearoa

With mixed feelings, I’ll soon be leaving this lovely country. But I’m so grateful for the refuge it has provided my daughter and me. To all my readers, I hope you also have found comfort somewhere during these months, in … Continue reading

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More from down under

Some good news: we’ve booked our flights back to NYC, to arrive late afternoon on 03 June. 90 days in New Zealand (60 more than originally planned) have exponentially increased my respect for the people of this country. They know … Continue reading

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Although restrictions have eased a bit, I’m still under lockdown beneath the southern cross¹ (aka “lolling in the Antipodes”). Still doing needlework, still getting out for walks and short bicycle rides, still reading Little Dorrit (as dense as overdone grits so … Continue reading

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Creative thinking

REMINDER: This was written in February, aka BCEW (before COVID evicerated the world). I can’t think of many novels about new ideas — about how the thinkers came up with them, rather than the consequences to the world — but … Continue reading

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More from NZ

Lockdown update #3: No essential change in our situation here, although in a couple of days NZ may move from Level 4 to Level 3. If so, more businesses can open if and only if they can guarantee social distancing … Continue reading

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