#WitchWeek2021 Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who dropped by, to the guest bloggers who wrote such intriguing reviews (and who added several more books to my TBR list), to those who supported this event on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere, and to Chris who lets me tag along.

To my co-star, Mr. Guy Fawkes, who made daily appearances in increasingly desperate circumstances, I offer much gratitude. For those of you who guessed the phrase, here’s your reward. In your comments below, please brag about the speed with which you solved this riddle

Well played, everyone!

You can be sure that, one way or another, Mr. F will return to take part in Witch Week 2022. Next year’s theme? Mr. F has revealed it above. For an explanation, read Chris’s wrap-up post at Calmgrove.

Happy Trails to everyone! Be safe, and keep reading.

About Lizzie Ross

in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.
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13 Responses to #WitchWeek2021 Wrap-up

  1. Sandra says:

    Great fun, Lizzie! And very clever! Looking forward to next year 😊

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  2. Calmgrove says:

    Okay, bragging time: between Day Two (letter ‘O’) and Day Three (letter ‘R’) I suspected, then guessed, the answer was a mash-up of the phrases associated with both Halloween and Bonfire Night. Such a clever phrase, even if Guido still ‘got’ it in the end!

    Another brag: how honoured I am that this has been a team effort, with your initiating and editing down the ‘Tempest’ discussion, the Damocles post and the support, encouragement and acknowledgement that Witch Week 2021 was proceeding as it should! Diolch yn fawr iawn, Lizzie. 😊

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  3. J says:

    Day 3, but I also thought “Truth or Treason” too. So, fence sitting until the K came through.

    Now, need to look up Polychromancy.

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  4. Lizza Aiken says:

    Well done, sending all good wishes to you virtually, or in spirit at least….! XX

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  5. Lexlingua says:

    Hurrah for a great finish, and already looking forward to next year’s theme. 🙂

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