Which Week Witch Week

Not long now until Witch Week 2021 comes to haunt us.

“What the boys did to the cow” (1908, Image No. 1587798, NYPL collections)

An event first begun by Lory Hess at The Emerald City Book Review (she now blogs at Entering the Enchanted Castle), Witch Week is an annual series of guest posts that I co-host with Chris of Calmgrove. Chris’s blog is where you’ll find the event this year, with guest bloggers from around the world. Literally. (And that’s a literal ‘literally’, rather than a figurative one.)

Our theme, TREASON and PLOT, takes its cue from Guy Fawkes’ Day, the last day of Witch Week, the 5th of November. That was the day Guy Fawkes and his treasonous crew planned in 1603 to blow up Parliament with all who were in it, including King James I. Thus bonfire night, and Diana Wynne Jones’ Witch Week, and this annual celebration of fantasy and witchy deeds that runs 31st October to 6th November.

Our read-along for this year is The Tempest. So dust off your Collected Works of Shakespeare and get ready to join us in what promises to be a fantastical exploration of wicked doings among the goblins, spirits and humans on an isolated island somewhere off the coast of Italy.

Oh, remember, remember, the fifth of November

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in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.
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  1. I haven’t read Shakespeare in ages. This is a great choice for a read along!

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