Mise en place

Could I get one of these, designed for writers?

Could I get one of these, designed for novelists? (from thekitchn.com)

My sister’s a chef, so I know mise en place. I don’t always follow it when I cook, but I know what it looks like: Bowls and cups filled with individual ingredients neatly lined up for easy mixing into whatever concoction I’m preparing. Spoons, knives and other necessary utensils clean, honed, ready for service. Crockery oiled and floured, oven preheated, recipe double-checked, radio playing: all designed to guarantee smooth motion, quick completion, and no errors (such as forgetting the egg, or the salt, in the bread I like to make — it’s edible, but not delicious).

from StoatsAndStoats on Tumblr

from StoatsAndStoats on Tumblr

I wish I could use mise en place with my writing. NaNoWriMo is approaching (November 1st), and I’m trying to line up in my head the little idea containers holding a range of colors, textures, flavors, and that secret ingredient that provides the WOW factor.

But, of course, writing doesn’t work like that. So the best I can do is open my computer and sit myself down. The only ingredients necessary are time and will power. Oh, yeah, and ideas.

This year’s NaNo project involves a dragon gymkhana and some troublesome stoats.

By the by, book reviews are going temporarily on hold, as I focus on prepping for NaNo. Expect writing updates in the meantime.

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2 Responses to Mise en place

  1. Rörschåch says:

    Rock on, sister mine. Mise en place can be how you think. You are very organized. You’ll be fine!

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