New post over at PiA

New content on one of my other blogs: “Why you should be reading YA lit.” Check it out at PiA.

IMAG0002And then check out the 108 heroes of The Water Margin (and the paper cuts depicting them) here.

Their names alone evoke images and stories: Ten-Feet of Steel, Timely Rain, Black Tornado (these are the names Frank Chin gives them in Donald Duk).

That’s Li Kui, The Black Tornado (or Whirlwind), on the left. If you see him coming at you with his axes in motion, you might as well lay down and prepare to be minced, because nothing can stop him.

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in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.
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2 Responses to New post over at PiA

  1. calmgrove says:

    Lovely post, Lizzie! Will have a look at those Water Margin pics soon.


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