End of Watchmen Tag-team Review

blue-bird-wallpaper-freeCalmgrove and I have spent nearly 3 weeks tag-team reviewing Alan Moore’s Watchmen (1986, 1987) via Twitter. No easy task. I think we both chewed metaphorical pencils to shreds as we worked to squeeze our reviews into Twitter’s 140-character message limit. As Calmgrove put it in a tweet to me, “Watchmen unexpectedly rich, complex/reviewing hard”.

If you’ve been reading my tweets in the sidebar, you’ve gotten only one side of the conversation. As a special treat for our fans and followers, here are our tweets, in order, first to last. If you haven’t read Watchmen, I suspect these won’t make sense to you, but perhaps they’ll make you curious enough to pick up the book. Definitely worth it.

DC HeroesLizzie Ross ‏‪ 15 Aug #tagteamreview starts today. inspirational photo. #watchmen nothing like these guys.

Chris Lovegrove 15 Aug Ch 1 Time running out for ex-vigilantes. Will they abandon lethargy to seek out threat in concert?

Lizzie Ross ‏‪15 Aug Ch 1 ‪#watchmen retired & unhappy. the comedian defenestrated. rorschach searches for killer. what nyc is this? desolate dylan

Chris Lovegrove ‏16 Aug Hollow laughter, melancholy, rage at criminal acts: all permeate Nite Owl’s autobiog and this tale.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪16 Aug Absent Friends: Comedian’s funeral occasions memories from friend and enemy. Deeds return to haunt.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪16 Aug night owl diaries his backstory. masked adventurers arise to fight crime. countdown clock at eleven.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪17 Aug tho old&failing, moloch gets his sacrifice. nite owl: minutemen last a decade. new generation steps in.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪17 Aug Under the Hood 3+4 Ever wondered about vigilante costumes, relationships, foibles? It’s all here.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪17 Aug ch 3 black freighter & asian land war menace. u.s. strategic superiority heads to mars. laurie’s fault?

Chris Lovegrove  18 Aug Ch 3 storylines in counterpoint: pirate threat  / heroes fend off attack / Manhattan self-exiles

Lizzie Ross  19 Aug UnderTheHood 5: 40s: superheroes a fad? 50s: few masked villains. 60s: new breed of superheroes rises.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪ 20 Aug Nite Owl 1 recalls Minutemen adapting (or not) to changing times and appearance of new generation.

Chris Lovegrove  20 Aug Sad case of Jon, affected by as well as affecting Time. A not so blind watchmaker, who watches him?

Lizzie Ross ‏‪  20 Aug  keene act bans nonstrategic masked avengers. dr m hounded out, comedian killed. rorschach won’t retire

Lizzie Ross  20 Aug 

 dr m = man to end worlds & wars. yet countdown clock at 8 to midnight. world & wars persist. hopeless?

Lizzie Ross 21 Aug ch 5 dan & laurie = leftovers. veidt attacked. collateral damage high. moloch out. rorschach in custody.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪ 23 Aug Symmetry: Rorschach/raw shark; Moloch’s apartment above bar / skull + crossbones; fins, triangles.

Chris Lovegrove 23 Aug Treasury of Comics details BLACK FREIGHTER history; gives writers + artists heroic roles: symmetry.

Lizzie Ross 24 Aug inkblot memories: source of rorschach’s anomie. no compromise, no concessions, no quitting. erase evil.

Chris Lovegrove 24 Aug Dr Malcolm Long gazes long into Rorschach abyss, risks accepting Kovacs’ nihilistic ‘End Is Nigh’.

Lizzie Ross 25 Aug allusions so far: agent,comedian,judge,watchmaker,tyger,abyss. see the pattern? ch 7 = dragon.

Lizzie Ross 25 Aug dan&laurie hook up, take wing, commit rescue. tvnews:afghan border tensions rise. ozymandias performs.

Chris Lovegrove 25 Aug Dr Long’s files reveal Kovacs’ belief that ends justify means and origin of his symmetry obsession.

Chris Lovegrove 25 Aug What do you see when you turn out the light? I get by with a little help from my friends. Friends?

Chris Lovegrove 26 Aug Nite Owl flies again. With Silk Spectre. Heroic deeds, fights fire with fire: Dan a new man.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪26 Aug birder dan’s views on ornithology/poetry, science/imagery. both needed for true understanding of species

Lizzie Ross ‏‪26 Aug countdown clock at 5 to midnight. 5 chapters left. cue ominous music. dan & laurie commit 2nd rescue.

Chris Lovegrove 27 Aug Bird of prey sits on warrior goddess’ shoulder. Metaphor: Rorschach hunts victims with Laurie+Dan.

Chris Lovegrove 27 Aug Athena sprang fully armed from Zeus’ head so Walter’s sprung from jail, vigilantes evade captors

Chris Lovegrove 27 Aug Hector by name  hectoring by nature: New Frontiersman ed attacks Reds, Jews, blacks, Italians, kids

Lizzie Ross 27 Aug

 dr manhattan takes laurie to mars. hollis mason victim of halloween prank. dumb ghosts curse masked men.

Lizzie Ross 27 Aug laurie kindles light of meaning in dr manhattan’s darkness of mere being. he already knew she’d do this.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪27 Aug reveal: laurie’s real father, but too late for reconciliation with him. dr m takes laurie home.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪30 Aug After Laurie’s Martian trip Sally Jupiter’s scrapbook reveals more’f Silk Spectre’s weird backstory

Lizzie Ross ‏‪30 Aug POTUS nixon enters bunker w/ football, sits and waits. rorschach retrieves costume, chooses to let live.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪30 Aug POTUS hand on button Kovacs stays hand Veidt shows his hand Death’s hand in Davidstown Cold(er) War

Lizzie Ross ‏‪30 Aug all saints day but not all vigilantes=saints. ozymandias behind masked deaths, but why? to the owlship!

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪31 Aug Veidt plays games with figurines, self-improvement, Millennium cosmetics. A ‘bright new world’?

Lizzie Ross ‏‪02 Sep setting: veidt’s oasis in desert of antarctica. deathly deeds in vivarium. nite owl+rorschach approach.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪02 Sep Eleventh hour: tangled plot threads? a Gordian knot; south of Oz Ozymandias plans end to fighting.

Lizzie Ross ‏‪02 Sep violence erupts in nyc. earth stands still. vigilantes despair in face of ozymandias’ mighty works.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪03 Sep Veidt plays god with hoax ET invasion in bid to end all wars. Who watches Watchmen: the free press?

Lizzie Ross ‏‪03 Sep mag interview: viedt explains why he dropped vigilante mask to go into business: for a better world.

Chris Lovegrove ‏‪03 Sep All Souls: God have mercy. Xmas: Peace on Earth. Smiley face: full circle. The truth will out. 🙂

Lizzie Ross ‏‪03 Sep end of #watchmen & #tagteamreview. stronger loving world, but new vigilantes born daily. we still ask, who watches the watchmen?

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11 Responses to End of Watchmen Tag-team Review

  1. calmgrove says:

    Reblogged this on calmgrove and commented:
    Watchmen is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever. To whet your appetite for a forthcoming review, here is a chronicle of the exercise Lizzie Ross and I indulged in on Twitter: a tag-team commentary in chunks of 140 words or less (including the hashtags #Watchmen and #tagteamreview).


  2. Dylan Hearn says:

    I’m not a great comic or graphic novel reader but Watchmen (along with V for Vendetta) is a classic. A complex mix of alternate history, political satire and philosophy, I’ve read it a few times and never failed to find something new in the reading. I loved your commentary and bravo for managing each chunk in under 140 characters. My question is, did you both enjoy it?


  3. calmgrove says:

    And the answer is, Yes! I did enjoy it, more than I expected to, and huge thanks to Lizzie for suggesting this novel (to me at least) method of tag-team reviewing — I did enjoy that too, even if it took me a little while to get the hang of it! Certainly different from the solo tweeting I did for Austen’s Lady Susan.

    Anyway, I’ll certainly be expanding more fully on Watchmen in a blog review soon, and you’ll be able to see how much I enjoyed it.


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