Suddenly …

My lovely first novel

My lovely first novel

This happened all so quickly. Contract signed in December, and Kenning Magic is already available on Amazon as an e-book (or you can pre-order a paper copy).

Let me catch my breath.

I know my publisher (Saguaro Books) said “March 10th at the latest”, but I’ve lived in the world too long to trust such promises. I’m a believer now.

Here’s the back cover copy (which you can’t see on Amazon):

Noni lives in a world where everyone, including infants, can cast magical spells. Everyone, that is, but Noni herself. But she alone can read; she has what her late mother called the ‘Old Knowing’, and this ability is a secret Noni must keep from everyone, including her best friend, Twig.

When magicians from an enemy country steal everyone’s Magic, Noni knows that she is the only one who can help save them. She must use the ‘Old Knowing’ to find the Book of Spells. Only the Book will enable her countrymen to re-learn Magic and have a fighting chance. Meanwhile, dragons have escaped from the ‘Hold’ and are burning dwellings and eating anything that moves. The enemy mages have learned of the Book of Spells and are also searching for it. Noni, with Twig at her side, must use her wits and whatever luck that crosses her path to reach the Book before it’s too late.

Sound intriguing? I hope so! It’s just the thing for tween readers who love fantasy, dragons (even silly ones), and wizards.

Watch this space for readings and signings near you!

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in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.
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