Marketing worries

A writer friend/colleague launched her book 2 days ago, and it was great fun to attend the event, as well as instructive. I’ve seen launches only in the movies, or at the midnight frenzies for the later volumes of JKRowling’s HP series [not true launches, but exciting all the same]. What you want is dozens of people milling around, admiring the cover, the author, the location.

Hm. Location. I don’t think I can organize a launch for the date my book goes live, but I’ll aim for something soon after. First task: find a small children’s book store to host.

PS: I’m looking for early reviewers. Suggestions? It has to be someone who likes silly dragons, evil wizards, and a heroine who would rather be reading her favorite (only) book than off having adventures.

About Lizzie Ross

in no particular order: author, teacher, cyclist, world traveler, single parent. oh, and i read. a lot.
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